CSI Team Building

"A double homicide has occurred and you and your CSI Team members have just a few hours to track down a killer and go to the District Attorney with enough evidence to get an arrest warrant."

CSI Team Building

Complete with victims, suspects, clues and all the rigors of police work, the CSI event allows your staff who are the "CSI Investigators" to experience their roles in an interactive non-threatening way by relating an otherwise different discipline to their own workplace demonstrating the importance of teamwork, communications, collaboration and organization.

Perfect for Conferences, Retreats or Learning Experiences.
"It's both physical and cerebral."

CSI Team Building Goals and Takeaways:

  • Communication and collaboration directly relate to employee and organization success.
  • Structure and routine fosters team insight, learning and trust.
  • Unspoken discoveries increase risk and decrease success.
  • The knowledge of each team member has significance and value.
  • Effective team planning considers the skills, talents and aspirations of all team members and is critical to quality decision-making.

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