team building


Team Building with a Murder Mystery Dinner or a CSI experience

Private Murder Mystery Dinners

Our murder mystery dinners are excellent for team-building, with teams working together to crack the clues and solve the mystery under the direction of one of our Detectives.   They are also a lot of fun, and we will customize the experience to suit your particular group!

Alternatively, you can book your group at one of our many public dinner events nationwide.

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IN depth TEam building

Our CSI Team Building event is a real educational exercise with the emphasis on communications and collaboration and revolves around team members solving a double homicide in a 3 hour time frame. 
Complete with victims, suspects, clues and all the rigors of police work, the CSI event allows your staff to experience their investigator roles in an interactive non-threatening way by relating an otherwise different discipline to their own workplace demonstrating the importance of teamwork, communications, collaboration and organization.