A Typical Itinerary

 for a Murder Mystery Dinner


7:00 PM

 Meet your Murder Mystery Host for a short check-in procedure and cocktail reception. You receive a name tag, and if you are daring enough you can put a fake name on it plus, from then on in, you do not have to tell the truth about anything-- just be prepared to defend yourself!

You will also receive a Welcome Letter with instructions as well as a series of random questions to aid you in the interrogation of other potential suspects. The idea is to talk to as many people as possible before something happens. (This is your big chance to deceive others as well!).

At this point, as the first suspicious looking clue turns up, all you know is that there are imposters in the group.

7:45 PM

Guests begin to file into the dining room and are seated at tables. You can sit at any table you like or sit with a group you may have come with. People usually try to sit with people they think are suspicious! Waiters take food orders. (Are they all really waiters? Hmmmm.)

8:00 PM

First course is served and first body hits the floor! (No we are not going to tell you how). A Homicide Detective arrives and takes control of the room for the rest of the evening. Be prepared to be questioned. Everyone at this point is a suspect.

8:00-9:30 PM

A delicious 3 course meal is served, and don't be surprised if another murder occurs. While the clues pile up and you listen to the detective everyone watches each other like hawks! It's at this point some major twist is going to occur but you may miss it because of the hilarious banter back and forth that has been taking place.

9:30 PM

Now it's your chance to show your genius. You get a chance to fill in an answer form with your best guess at what happened and who the guilty party is. Answers are collected, crime is solved by the Detective, and arrests are made!

9:55 PM

Prize awarded to most accurate answer and prizes for most hilarious answers!

10:00 PM - end