typical itinerary

for a 3 hour murder mystery


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+The Reception

  • Guests are greeted by their Murder Mystery Host, given guests packs, mingle, and get to know each other. Half way through the reception the "first murder" takes place.
  • Police are called and a Homicide Detective (who just happened to be in the neighborhood) arrives and starts a homicide investigation.
  • Various clues are uncovered, some implicating the guests.

+Lunch or Dinner

  • The action continues throughout dinner with the Detective continually working the room, interrogating and implicating many of the guests (all done with a lot of humor).
  • Clues are found by the guests and suspects are narrowed down.
  • Towards the end of dinner "another murder" is staged and again our detective will jump into action.
  • More clues are found and the investigation and humorous interrogations continue.


  • About this time everyone thinks they know who the murderer is. That's when we bump that person off. "Murder #3!"
  • Final clues are submitted into evidence.
  • Guests are then told they have 20 minutes to come up with a solution (this can be done as individual answers or team answers can be submitted).


  • After the Host has collected all the answers the Detective miraculously figures the whole thing out. This is where the final scene is played out between the Detective and the remaining actors.
  • The Detective, logically and categorically, solves the crimes, makes his arrests and the actors all exit to wild applause.
  • The Host then reads the winning solutions starting with the funniest answers and ending with the best answer.
  • Actors are introduced, prizes are awarded.


Typical one evening performance will last 3 hours, including a mingle reception, followed by a meal. Depending on number of guests and number of actors needed, prices range from $950.00- $2500.00. All quotes are calculated individually.


  • Production supervision by an on-site Murder Mystery producer
  • Scripting designed especially for your group and event.
  • One Murder Mystery Host / Stage Manager for the duration of the event.
  • One Homicide Detective for the duration of the event.
  • 2-6 additional actors based on script needs.
  • All necessary clues, props and wardrobe.
  • All necessary pre-production.
  • Casting and rehearsal of actors.
  • Answer forms and guest packs for the attendees.
  • One prize for the winner and booby prizes for the funniest answers.